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CelluFit™ Cellulite Massage Spin Roller

The Aestherapy CelluFit™ Cellulite Massage Spin Roller is a comprehensive handheld body sculpting and cellulite reduction system that combines dual roller and deep-tissue muscle massage for results you can see and feel. Combined with the proprietary gel, the system can help ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin and help further reduce unnecessary fat and cellulite.
  • Our product uses cellulite crushing Dual-roller and adjustable speed & rotation, to reduce visible cellulite and increase skin firmness.

    ✅ Help Reduce Cellulite.

    ✅ Release Tensions & Muscle Pains.

    ✅ Cordless & Portable.

    ✅ IPX7 Waterproof Design

    ✅ See effect in a few days

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How it works: #2 Spin Motor

Our Fat-Breaking Spin Massager features a one-touch button that allows you to customize the intensity and speed according to your specific needs and preferences.

In LOW mode, it gently stimulates tired muscles and provides a soothing warm-up effect.

In HIGH mode, it targets deep-seated fat and provides a concentrated, powerful massage that helps to break down stubborn cellulite.

With our SMART MOTOR, you can enjoy maximum power and efficiency with a top speed of 407 RPM. Its smart design generates powerful rotational force, making it easier than ever to achieve your body goals.

How it works: #3 10cm Wavelength

Our massager uses 10cm wavelengths to deeply stimulate your muscles.

With its broad and deep stimulation, our massager helps to relax your deep muscles and fascia. It also provides targeted care to every nook and cranny of your muscles, leaving your skin and muscles looking and feeling revitalized.

But that's not all - our massager also features:

  • IPX7 waterproof design: Our massager is resistant to water and moisture, making it easy to use and clean during showers or baths.
  • Wireless operation with no interruptions: With up to 5 hours of battery life on a single charge, you can use our massager anywhere and anytime without any interruptions.

Best for these types of people!

This product is perfect for anyone who wants to:

✔️ Improve the texture of their skin and get rid of lumps and bumps

✔️ Target specific areas that are causing them stress

✔️ Enjoy the convenience of an at-home body care solution

✔️ Simplify their skincare routine and get great results with minimal effort.



Customer Reviews

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Absolutely as described

Liked the product. Usually massagers tend to be bulky , but this one is relatively light weight and easy to use.
The 3 attachments simple to attach and detach .
It has 3 speed levels to control the force.
The bristle brush was my favorite , usually they are so harsh but this has the softest brush.

Love this multi use product.

Love this multi purpose machine. Have used all 3 heads. The silicone pad is great for exfoliating my face, the cleansing brush I use when I want a deeper clean of my face. Both leave it feeling smooth and clean I love the massager. I use it on my love handles and cellulite along with some creams. The areas are definitely looking better although I have been doing it day and night. Not used it for pain relief so can??t comment. The fact it is waterproof is fab as I use it in the shower.

It was fast delivery and the machine looks effective to burn my cellulites

It's just right size and weight and could be used in the shower

Very pleased I purchased!

I brought the voyox handheld massager primarily to tackle cellulite on my thighs. My husband and I noticed a difference after just one use. I'm yet to use the other attachments but am looking forward to giving these a try as well. Unlike other machines I've used, the massager feels like it's working deeply into the skin without being painful. I'm also a big fan of the red light therapy included in the product. As by removing the massaging attachments and turning the product on, I can choose to use just the red light to treat some old acne scarring as well. Would highly recommend.


The shipment arrived on time and well packaged.
I am happy with my purchase.
I understand that everyone has a different sensitivity and resistance to pain, but I particularly want them to have more strength and that I use the maximum level.
So far it works very well and you can see consistent results.
Thank you!