CelluFit™ Cellulite Slimming Massager

Do not use on children.

Do not use if you have a heart condition, cardiac pacemaker, or other active implants.

Please seek advice from a healthcare professional if you:

- Are pregnant

- Recently had any aesthetic treatments or any invasive or non-invasive cosmetic surgery

- Or are suffering from or susceptible to or any of the following conditions below:

- Skin allergies

- Sensitized or sensitive skin

- Sunburn

- Open wounds

- Itchy skin or skin prone to irritation or discomfort

- Severe acne or active breakouts on the body

- Varicose veins and exposed capillaries

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology stimulates muscles through gentle contractions, creating a mini workout to improve tone, firmness and support skin rejuvenation for a healthy glow.

There are 2 main reasons you may not be able to feel the pulses:

The device may not be switched onto the EMS mode. Ensure the indicators are highlighted in red.

There is not enough moisture on your skin. Apply a moisture rich water-based lotion or moisturizer to skin prior to use.

Yes – this means the device is on EMS mode. The electric-like tingling sensation stimulates the muscles in the skin.

Hold down the EMS (Power) button for 3 seconds.

Insert the cable into the device charging port located at the base of the unit. Connect the USB to an appropriate power supply and charge for approximately 3 hours.

No. Please do not put it under running water. The device is suitable to use in conjunction with a water-based moisture-rich lotion, serum and sheet mask.

You can clean the device by wiping with a clean, dry cloth and leaving in a well-ventilated area to dry completely.

EMS technology works like a fitness workout. Adopt a 5:2 fitness regimen. 5 x Massage Days and 2 x Rest Days.

When using the Aestherapy CelluFit™ Cellulite Slimming Massager without the EMS function, you can use any product alongside it. Whether that be oil-based or water-based. It could be a moisturizer, serum, cream etc.